Snowed in

Many of us are iced or snowed into our homes this evening. Regretfully class for Thursday the 19th at Youngstown will be cancelled.

Please visit my for further updates regarding Friday morning’s class.

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When I attended my first month of Zumba, I didn’t realize that choreography was available to instructors till I saw the same routine spanning 2-3 instructors. I noticed that one of my instructors had a different routine altogether.

After I took my training, I was given the opportunity to buy (ZIN) choreography. Doing so keeps you updated in current Zumba Fitness style, and remain certified, rather than taking a yearly day long certification, which would mean travel time, about the same money, and potential time away from class.

Instructors who choose not be ZIN, must retake the certification course and find other ways to come up with music and choreography.

ZIN, (Zumba Instructor Network). Here you pay monthly for a dvd that comes every 2 months with 9 songs containing 2 sets of choreography to choose from.

There is a live class filmed where the instructor is on stage performing alone or with others. It’s as if you were attending the class. It is generally Beto, Tanya, Gina  or combination of the upper echelon of the Zumba Fitness family. Then there’s a studio breakdown that features a Zumba Expert, filmed in a studio, with or without breakdowns. It’s different choreography to the same music.

My students will sometimes ask “How much of this class is your choreography?”

It depends on the day, but in general,  I will try to have at least half of the class as my own choreography, and have changed some of the Zin choreo to fit the class or my current set.

It is a lot of prep and a constant search for the perfect song & play lists, but I absolutely love it!

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Training Blog

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Julia Ugarte who writes for a cool blog called “how to become a personal trainer” . There are some other helpful training & fitness tips that you will find interesting as well.

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Last Tuesday evening my class at Youngstown began with just 3 gentlemen. I always admire when men come to take Zumba with no prior group x experience. With some small modifications to choreography, I led my normal class and like troopers, they accepted every challenge!

Sunday another new student brought her husband to class for the first time and I half expected him to leave the room after a few songs, but instead, he stayed the course and took the entire class, reporting that it was a “good workout” at the end. Impressive!

Gentlemen are always welcome to class! It’s just so fun when a man takes part of a woman dominated fitness class for a change. We have a headstart in a sense, and in a small way, there’s a bit of a challenge put forth….This is my world, show me what you have! And, show us they do, spirit, fearlessness and determination!

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Those of you who’ve attended my Youngstown Friday mornings know that Dorinne is a visiting intern at Youngstown from France. She’s fearlessly soaking up every bit of Seattle culture that she can while she’s been here and, brought her visiting family to my Friday morning Zumba class.
When a father and two of his daughters attend a workout class together, one must stop and take a note. That is AWESOME!
Amazing attitude!
They let me know they were prepared to just do what they could and they really impressed me with their confidence. I’m absolutely taking a note from this family.
I talked with them for a bit after class and learned that they were so glad for the workout after bingeing on American cuisine for two weeks.

” Today we had cupcakes”{Dorrine in lovely french accent} “Later, we will try the cheesecake”

I did not realize cupcakes had not made there way to France? Ah well, I know Zumba has and I hope to hear that they continue to take when they return.

Au revoir!

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Taking a moment to enjoy the growth of this class, and building this little Friday morning community of awesome, lovely people. The class has grown over the past month and it feels like a major accomplishment. My hats off to the ladies who have made it through their first Zumba class and came back for more. It takes guts to come to a small class, where you’re in full view of the instructor, learning an hour of 15 songs you’ve never heard before, with steps you’ve never known before.

Time and time again I’ve stated that these are really impressive students. As my students know, I encourage taking the class 4-5 times before you take full advantage of the program. Once you achieve a few of the basic steps, you’re on your way to serious cardio fitness.

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