When I attended my first month of Zumba, I didn’t realize that choreography was available to instructors till I saw the same routine spanning 2-3 instructors. I noticed that one of my instructors had a different routine altogether.

After I took my training, I was given the opportunity to buy (ZIN) choreography. Doing so keeps you updated in current Zumba Fitness style, and remain certified, rather than taking a yearly day long certification, which would mean travel time, about the same money, and potential time away from class.

Instructors who choose not be ZIN, must retake the certification course and find other ways to come up with music and choreography.

ZIN, (Zumba Instructor Network). Here you pay monthly for a dvd that comes every 2 months with 9 songs containing 2 sets of choreography to choose from.

There is a live class filmed where the instructor is on stage performing alone or with others. It’s as if you were attending the class. It is generally Beto, Tanya, Gina  or combination of the upper echelon of the Zumba Fitness family. Then there’s a studio breakdown that features a Zumba Expert, filmed in a studio, with or without breakdowns. It’s different choreography to the same music.

My students will sometimes ask “How much of this class is your choreography?”

It depends on the day, but in general,  I will try to have at least half of the class as my own choreography, and have changed some of the Zin choreo to fit the class or my current set.

It is a lot of prep and a constant search for the perfect song & play lists, but I absolutely love it!

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